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Our Story

Sometimes we get caught up with our busy lives and forget to enjoy the little things.

At Createfylo, we aspire to spread sweetness to each and every one of you, with a small dosage of cuteness at a time ♡ 

As we ask ourselves how we can achieve this, plushie immediately came to the front of our minds.

Did you ever have that one soft plushie that you wanted to take everywhere? 

Did you ever wish it was bigger so you could sleep on it?

 Plushies provide comfort and a greater sense of security. We really want our little paw-pals to enjoy the same, and we have since searched around for cute plush beds that are of high quality. We did not find any that met our expectation. 

“If You Can’t Find A Way, Create One”

And we did.

We started our journey to turn wishes and designs into reality, and here we are! We are proud to introduce to you Australia’s first business that infuses comfort, cuteness and luxurious quality with plushies and pets.

What an interesting name – you might ask. Create fylo stands for "Create For Your Little One". Our mission is to create the best for our little ones, and that is exactly why we started. Like most of us, we work hard so our pets can have the good life! Our little ones bring us so much love, so we want to give them the best that we can. And what is better than the best sleep and happy plays?

Our adorable plushie beds and cute plushie toys aim to achieve that feeling! Not only can you sleep with your comfort plushie, you are also sleeping on your comfort plushie! Happy napping little ones!

Life is sweeter with a hint of cuteness. 

With lots of love,

R & L ♡

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