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April 17, 2021 3 min read

Well hasn’t 2020 been a new experience for everyone! We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with COVID-19 as restrictions ease and life is slowly returning back to normality. This means going back to work in-office and less WFH (working from home). So, what does this mean for your little one?

Your furbaby has most definitely enjoyed the increased quality time and company with you from the lock-down period and WFH. However, as normality starts to return, how can you ease your little one from separation anxiety while you’re no longer working from home?

All furbabies, particularly dogs, are likely to have grown used to the increased attention and companionship, and a sudden loss of this company and attention may cause separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can show signs like excessive barking, panting and pacing, unwanted toileting, and destructive behaviour, as a result of them experiencing distress when separated from their hoomans.

What can you do to help?
Like most things, preventative measure is key. It is important to try to prevent the anxiety, or to discover it and rectify any adverse behaviour in the early stages before it worsens.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Gradually increase your days in office
    If your work allows, slowly return back to office. Possibly start with 2 days in office, 3 days WFH and slowly increase the days every other week to ease your little one into knowing you won’t be home all the time anymore.
  • Gradually increase the time they spend alone
    Try develop a routine and increase the time your dog spends alone while you are still WFH.
  • When you leave your little one, don’t make a fuss when you go out, or when you return home
    It is important to not make a big deal of your departure or return. If you get too excited of your comings and goings, they may think it is something to be worried about.
  • Set up activities and give them toys
    You can try a treasure hunt and hide treats around the house to give your dog an activity to do while you are out of the house. A toy that is bite-friendly and squeaks is good too and provides opportunity for self-directed play.
  • Set up a pet-cam – Just in case!
    I know you’ll miss your furbaby while you’re back in office, so maybe set up a little pet camera and use an app to monitor your little one when you’re not home. While monitoring, you’ll be able to see if your furbaby is experiencing separation anxiety. 
  • Have a comfortable plush bed 
    Having a comfortable & safe place where your little one can rest while they wait for you to come home is essential!
  • Our plushie beds offer that comfort secure feeling. Having beds that allows your little one to snug up to is highly beneficial in reducing anxiety, and can even increase your little one's sense of security. Further to that, our beds are in fact a hybrid of comfort and fun - definitely the best companion for your little one to get through the day with!
  • For example, our Sailor Pup Donut Bed is designed with raised walls for extra neck and head support. The bed moulds to your furbaby's shape so they can feel cuddled, which help soothe and provide a sense of security. Made from our softest plushie polyester, it can help reduce anxiety, allowing a carefree sleep or nap

Keep clam and love life ! Your little one is so lucky to have you ♡


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